Multi Cyclone

When burning dusty fuels, a 'multi cyclone' can be used to extract fly-ash from the exhaust, once extracted it then deposits the ash either into it own container or can be linked to the ash removal auger and augured to the ash box. All boilers over 200kw will usually require a multi cyclone as higher quantities of ash are produced


Reka's double skinned free standing chimneys are produced to the highest quality, manufactured using Corten A slow corrosion steel. The chimney comes complete with ash door and steel foundation. Reka's chimney provides first class smoke extraction for a first class boiler.

Auto Ignition

Electronic ignition can be fitted, hot air is blown through electrically heated wire creating enough heat to ignite the fuel inside. This option means there is no need for manually igniting.

Chock Blasters

The majority of the heat transfer takes place in the fire tubes (heat exchangers) after a period of time these tubes can become coated in soot and reduce the efficiency of the boiler, manual cleaning can remove a lot of this built up soot and loose ash, to reduce manual cleaning and increase efficiency 'chock blasters' can be fitted, these small devices blast highly compressed air down the fire tubes and variable intervals, this stops the build up of soot and keeps the boiler running efficiently.

Automatic Ash Removal

When any product is burn no matter how well, there will always be a small amount of ash by-product left over. Manually removing this smelly dusty substance can be a dirty and unpleasant job. Reka's ash system automatically removes any ash and deposits it in to a sealed ash storage container, this mean the boiler door does not have to be open and unnecessarily loose heat. This system eliminates the need to for dusty dirty manual cleaning. The ash box will not need cleaning very frequently as wood chip only produces 2% ash and pellets even less at only 0.3% of the fuel put in coming out as ash, cereals produce 4 – 5 % ash.

Operation Ash is pushed into the ash tray at the bottom of the boiler by the moving floor, an auger then turns at infinitely variable predetermined intervals and moves the ash out into the boiler and into the ash container.

Draft Gauge

To obtain the perfect environment for the fuel to burn Reka supply a device which measures the draft inside the boiler, this is important because for fuel to burn efficiently it needs to be supplied with the correct amount of oxygen and a large enough draft to draw away burnt gasses. Larger boilers ion the HKRST and HKRSV range are supplied with these as standard. The draft gauge is a powerful tool for users serious about cutting fuel usage, increasing efficiency and running Reka biomass boiler to its full potential. On larger boilers it is directly linked to the extractor fan, controlling the speed if the fan thus creating more or less draft depending on what is happening In the boiler.

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