Straw Cutter

The REKA straw table and straw cutter system is designed to allow the automatic delivery of baled straw to the boiler in a reliable and controlled process. The only user input required is to load the bales on to the straw table.

The table can be run forward and backwards at a higher speed (optional) to allow the user to fill gaps in the table. With this option, the straw table is split into two sections. This allows the bale currently feeding the boiler to remain still while the remaining bales are reversed to fill any gaps, so loading the table can be completed without interrupting the operation of the boiler. The straw table and cutter only run when the boiler requires fuel, which in turn is decided by the current heat demand. Therefore the entire plant is automatic and responds to the heating requirement without any user intervention.

  • Low speed Straw chopper 2.5RPM - Reduces dust, Minimises noise, No sparks/heat build up
  • Very low power consumption - less than 8 kW/ton at 300 kg to 1500 kg straw per hour
  • Robust design
  • Accepts bales up 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.5m
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