Moving Grate

Every REKA multifuel boiler is equiped with a moving grate, this is what enable our boilers to burn such a wide rance of fuels. The grate moves periodically to help break up clinker, it also helps spread un-burnt fuel across the surface of the combustion chamber allowing for a more compleate and efficent burn.

Lambda Oxygen Control

A Lambda Sensor is used to monitor the oxygen levels within the boiler. The control board uses this information to decide how much air and fuel is required for optimum efficiency.

Heat Exchanger

A four pass heat exchanger ensures low flue exit temperatures and therefore high efficiency. REKA boilers have exceptionally low flue temperatures at nominal load (c. 140 degrees) . The large heat exchanger area allows the boiler to continue to be efficient, even when the tubes are becoming dusty. This is important for burning many low heat value or dusty fuels.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows the user to access the full menu system of the boiler controller using a web browser interface either on a local LAN (computer network) or via the internet* Parameters can be viewed and adjusted, and the boiler performance can be monitored.

*For access over the internet the boiler requires an internet connection with fixed IP address or a static host name.

HMI Interface

Modern PLC control system with large colour HMI interface. The control system includes Lambda and negative pressure controls for optimised combustion

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